Lelo massaggiatore Loki prostata

Succo trasparente di una prostata

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Ordering today registers you for full LELO warranty coverage. This means if you experience issues within 1-year of purchase, LELO lelo massaggiatore Loki prostata replace your product free of charge. Full coverage details can be found within your lelo massaggiatore Loki prostata packaging. The LELO website uses bit encryption to protect all personal information you may submit online.

LELO will never disclose, sell or transfer any personal information provided by our clients to a third party, except as might be required by law. Anatomically Perfect And Lelo massaggiatore Loki prostata Beautiful In Design Smooth, curved girth with stability ring helps you to reach the perfect spot with ease. Share it wisely, often, and with care. I have had the Loki for 6 months now. What can I sayWOW!! Always wanted to but never found a toy that could deliver Oh yes this one does.

Don't recall the vibration that does it but it will literally make me cum with no touching It amazing the feeling of a prostate organismhow slow it is to come on but once delivered it can knock you down. We are talking hard pulsating organism with multiple ejaculation. Again once this is place on the lelo massaggiatore Loki prostata spot Look out for a intensenever felt organism.

I go thru multiple charges a week and it never lets me down. If the vibration was strongert may lead to a more intense organism but the way it is I can defiantly have fun this this toy. For those that has wished and would like to try. Well it works for me. As for sizeonce you make that initial lelo massaggiatore Loki prostata into the G canal it is amazing. The soft materials are well designed and well made.

All in All awesome toy for a new mind blowing experience I have my Loki the charger now. I think this is a well made product. From the silkiness of the material to the power of lelo massaggiatore Loki prostata motor. The only thing I would like to see is a larger productin size and diameter. I have been an avid prostate stimulation individual for many years and size and girth make a HUGE difference. If this product had at least inches of insertion length and maybe a double motor?

One at the head and one at the base and have the ability of the new Loki wave the come hither motion It would be mind blowing! I might have to upgrade to the Loki wave? Just wish they were bigger. I give it 4 out of 5 just because of the size limitation.

All I can say OMG! I have had several prostate massagers, and can have multiple prostate orgasms from them all, but this one blew them all away! Even with being experienced the girth was a little overwhelming at first, but when in and the vibrations took over it was pure lelo massaggiatore Loki prostata. All I want to experience now are those intense lelo massaggiatore Loki prostata of prostate orgasms, done with masturbating, that's old school.

Get this toy, it is damn worth it. At first I was intimidated lelo massaggiatore Loki prostata the cost of the Loki, but after lelo massaggiatore Loki prostata LELO's quality of materials and construction, customer service, and warranty, I decided to give it a try. The Loki was shipped quickly, and after charging and cleaning it was ready to rock. Even though I did not consider myself an anal novice, the Loki was definitely a challenging experience.

It is not at all un-doable, but I need a bit of time to relax and experiment with body positioning before the Loki and I make our connection. Once in position the Loki provides me with a very full sensation, and with just a bit of maneuvering the end of the massager rests comfortably against my prostate. The vibrations are more powerful than I thought possible from a cordless toy, and even the lowest rumbling setting is breathtaking. The vibration patterns are fun to experiment with, and somewhere in that process I always find a pattern and intensity that works for me.

The waterproof design of the Loki makes clean-up easy. I have had hours of pleasure with this toy, it seems trite to even call it a toy when I think of the mind altering orgasms I have achieved with it.

If you have a prostate you owe it to yourself to experience the Loki. It has given me nonstop strings of prostate orgasms lasting minutes at a time, pure bliss in a rechargable package, get one and find out for yourself! I splashed out on the loki after many years playing with other non vibrating prostate massagers. If feels quite large going in and I have to really relax to go the final little push otherwise it hurts a little.

Once planted it is lovely and smooth and once the vibrations lelo massaggiatore Loki prostata switched on it is wonderful. Havnt ever reached anal orgasm but I live in hope. The one big deawback lelo massaggiatore Loki prostata the loki is that it doesnt stay in one spot unless you hold onto it. If I let go of it then within seconds it rotates away from the sweet spot and all sensations subside, it quite often rotates degrees and is quite annoying and uncomfortable to hand hold in position all the time when my hands should be used in other places.

I wish I had now spent my hard earned money on the loki wave which I believe would stay in place better having the p-tab. Maybe lelo will let me demo one for them, pretty please. I purchased the lelo loki after reading all the great reviews on it and as a previous lelo customer with the billy I knew it would be great. I just didn't realise it would be SO great lol. When it first arrived I let it charge up and gave it a test spin that night,the size was intimidating after using billy several times,I used please type of lube and took deep breaths as I eased it in,and once in you can feel it hitting the spot as it fills you up.

The many vibration settings are amazing and much stronger than billy. I love that's it's fully waterproof and rechargeable,I got about 3 good sessions out of a single charge. The look and feel of loki is amazing! If you haven't tried it you definitely should! I'm glad I lelo massaggiatore Loki prostata. I had been using cheaper prostate toys and never reached that truly amazing mind blowing orgasm. I lelo massaggiatore Loki prostata all the high reviews and thought " well if it costs more, surely better results?

First time took a bit to get used to and I noticed a immediate change in pleasure. The 2nd time when I knew what to do I became completely lost in the amount of stimulation brought on, very easily lost track of time and ended up spending much longer playing with the toy not stroking myself shockingly and achieved a mind blowing orgasm. I highly recommend this toy to anyone wanting to explore prostate stimulation.

It is worth every penny to invest in! My Loki gets more and more orgasmic every time I use it. The first time I used it on the general setting, I was blown away. The next, I adjusted it to have a higher speed and that was awesome. My boyfriend used it on me basically in a lelo massaggiatore Loki prostata that resembles having anal sex while fingering me and I had the best orgasm of my life.

Today, I used it for solo play along with Tiani 24k lelo massaggiatore Loki prostata stimulate my clitoris. Mind blowing orgasms. Buy it. I'm a women who loves anal and I highly lelo massaggiatore Loki prostata this. I just received my Loki vibrator today and couldn't wait to try it out. After giving it a quick charge, I gave it a try. I've lelo massaggiatore Loki prostata other prostate massagers and they don't come close to how the Loki made me feel.

I cycled through the lelo massaggiatore Loki prostata settings and found that switching back and forth between the steady vibration at full power and the 4th setting that gradually builds up intensity worked lelo massaggiatore Loki prostata for me.

The pleasure was so intense that I had multiple P-spot orgasms. After having it in for 45 minutes, I'm a bit weak in the knees and feel very relaxed. It makes me feel like I do when the wife and I have a long session in bed. It's a great addition to our other toys from LELO my wife has the medium wand lelo massaggiatore Loki prostata loves it. This was my first Lelo toy.

The price, compared to my other toys, was much higher, but, honestly, if I had just bought this first, I wouldn't have had to waste all my money on those other toys that don't do much for me! The Loki, I think, is the perfect size. It's not too big, and the length is just right. The vibrations, is where this toy shines. Like, wow! I've had other vibrating toys before, but none of them come close to the power of the Loki. This is the first toy that has made me feel amazing when exploring my p-spot, and it is the only toy that I use now to stimulate my prostate.

As a straight man, like most, I've always been intimadated about going anywhere near this area of my body. I'm not going to lie it was very uncomfortable going in use plenty of lubricant.